Mazda 6

Mazda 6 UE7008

Model: Mazda Bose Amplifier KU060

GS1E 66 A20, GS1E66A20

BBM4 66 A20, BBM466A20

BBM2 66 A20, BBM266A20

GDL1 66 A20, GDL166A20

GAN6 66 920A, GAN666920A

GS1D 66 920A, GS1D66920A

GSE1 66 920A, GSE166920A

F190 66 920, F19066920

BGV5 66 A20, BGV566A20

Common faults: No sound, Intermittent sound, Random loud noises, Cracking noise through speakers, Machine gun sound through speakers, Popping sound, Thumping sound, Distorted sound

Mazda 6 UE7006

Model: CQ-EM4580AK, CQEM4580AK, CQ-EM4680AK

Common faults: Six disc CD jammed, CD not playing / ejecting, grinding noise

Mazda 6 UE7001

Models Matsushita: GJ6J66EG0, CXCM3290AK, CX-CM3290AK, CRLM4283KA

Common faults: Six disc CD jammed, CD not playing / ejecting, grinding noise

Mazda 6 UE7700

Model: Sanyo 14799215, GBR8 66 DVO, GBR866DV0, GRB866DVO

Common faults: Face won't move, CD won't play, CD won't load or eject, Error

Mazda 6 UE7054

Models: Panasonic GGT4669RX, CQ-EM4981VT, GGT4 66 9RX, CQEM4981VT

Common faults: CD jammed, CD not loading, CD not reading, CD not playing

Model: Sanyo 14799255, GGT7 66 DV0, GGT766DV0

Common faults: Face won't move, CD won't play, CD won't load or eject, Error, A program cannot be read. Please consult to a dealer. Touch screen not working. Not working after a flat battery

Radio Repair

Why Repair and not Replace?

Why purchase a wreckers audio unit, then pay again to get it re-coded or paired to your vehicle, then only to find it has, or develops the same identical problem as the audio unit you just replaced. Argh..!

Repair your current unit and save $$.

No extra coding or programming costs and a better warranty than a 2nd hand unit.

How It Works

1. Pack your unit carefully and ship it to us.

2. Our experienced and qualified technicians will then take a look at it on the bench and confirm the fault/faults you’ve described. 

3. We contact you regarding the repair requirements and cost.

4. You then pay for your repair (we accept all major credit cards) and we return your unit.

Quote & Repair Fees

First we need to inspect your unit on the work bench and confirm the fault. We then contact you with a repair estimate/quote cost. We have repairs starting from $88. We do have some fixed price repairs and if you’re quoted by a competitor, we can guarantee we’ll always be cheaper. They have already allowed for the worst possible scenario. We've been doing factory car audio repairs since the 1980's and trading nearly as long. Trust and experience count.

Download our Repair Docket PDF.


We ship using Australia Post 3 or 5 kg pre-paid satchels, fixed price Australia wide and includes tracking.

Place your unit in a box with lots of padding, then place in satchel. Use plenty of padding around the face and or screen to avoid any further damage.

If outside Australia, please contact us prior to sending for a return freight quotation.

Why Choose Us?

Our Australia wide online repair business continues to grow each year, as people discover our superior value repairs and servicing.

We also receive the occasional international repair.

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